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Luis de Arquer. Born in Cerdanyola, a small summer town near Barcelona, and surrounded by a family of great artists, his passion for music was awoken at a very early age. When he was only seven he was already improvising in public with such different styles as Bach and Chopin, captivating his audiences with his great musical imagination.

His progress on the piano led him straight to the Granados-Marshall academy, a meeting place in the past for many renowned spanish musicians such as Granados, Falla, Albéniz and Turina, and specifically into the hands of the great concert player Alicia de Larrocha, who saw his special talent and supported him throughout his early career, where he would work alongside a variety of important figures of the like of Nikita Magalof and Xavier Monsalvatge.

Improvisation, a somewhat relegated genus in our times, was in times past the highest degree of artistic freedom. Employed by composers such as Beethoven, Granados, Chopin, Liszt and so many others, it uncovered the very interior of their styles, that more intuitive, profound interior. Further fruit of improvisation are his written works, which include various works for piano, the CD Music for a Journey for piano solo, music for a number of short films, Hymns, the comic opera A Day with Vincent for chamber orchestra and four vocal soloists, and the soundtrack for the film Illegal's Symphony, CD Sinfonía de Ilegales.

The last work by Luis de Arquer is the music for the poems by Miguel Hernández, one of the twentieth century's most beloved spanish poets. CD De Miguel a Miguel. He is the creator of his own style's name: Pop-Class!

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